Come and Look

Hi Team, sorry this is a bit late - the prayer focus for this week is from Luke 14 v17-23:

The Spirit of God speaks to us that this week we need to hear the invitation from Our Lord. Come and look at the place prepared by My Father where He plans to meet with all the peoples of this nation. See the great area of mown fields where Father has prepared the gentle breezes to blow, the clouds to cover over, the presence of His Spirit and of His Own Holy Presence.

And when we turn our eyes away from the great expanse of fields we will know we need to pray that all believers will hear Jesus say: “Come, for all now is ready… vs 17: "And will obey His word. So that, together, we can humble ourselves and pray for our beautiful country, South Africa. That God will hear our prayers; forgive our sins and heal our land, our people and our differences and that in Jesus we can be one in love, forgiveness and acceptance.

Please pray that all financial needs be taken care of. Our God owns all the cattle on a thousand hills. All the silver and gold are His, but as believers we need to lead from the front and put our hands into our own pockets and give to God (Everything we have has been given to us by our heavenly Father anyway).

Please pray this week for more volunteers and more resources to become available in the organising of the IT’S TIME event. Finally please also begin to pray for Oom Angus, as he waits upon the Lord quietly, to hear His Word for the 27th October.

May we be found faithfully in the secret place of the Most High and under the shadow of the Almighty.

Jill Buchan