The Doves in Africa

God moves on to fulfill His great plan of salvation for all mankind and the time of Jesus' return comes closer...

Song of Solomon 2:11-12 ...The song of the doves in Africa is still heard from the Cape to Cairo. They speak to us of the Holy Spirit with us and of our need to worship Him, Who is still God over the nations. Who, in South Africa gives us, yet, freedom to speak of Him openly and to come together to pray in open fields.

We need to focus on worship and praise this week. Romans11:36: With grateful hearts to exalt Him and to lift up His Name... Above all other gods. He is Holy and our worship and adoration becomes a wonderful preparation for It's Time.

The song of the doves speak to us of His peace. Psalm 46:10-11
In the stillness of Who You Are I find peace, In the stillness of Who You Are I see Your Heart.
Psalm 108:1-5 He is worthy of our worship.

Worship will be Africa's gift to Jesus our King.