With Diligence & Care

Hi Team, prayer focus for this week:

Praise to our Lord Jesus, there is so much excitement and 3 days go, but we still need to continue to watch and pray. Many of our team have flu and we need them strong and healed in Jesus’ Name.

Many negative words are being spoken concerning Oom Angus, the event and all who work to prepare the ‘field’ for the Prayer Meeting because it's THERE that His people will be together in His presence to worship Him, to repent and to pray that He might forgive us all and unite us in the love of Jesus.

We need to pray ‘death’ to these negative words and plant God's Word in their place. The spirits of Jezebel and Ahab, of Absalom, of Religion, of rebellion and others are still at work.
Let's watch and pray in Jesus Name.

We need prayer for all our people as they travel the roads to Pretoria, Tshwane.

And so let us complete what we have begun with care and with diligence. The enemy is still desperately working to prevent this prayer meeting from taking place. But GOD IS GOD and above the airfield in the heavenlies our banner flies. It bears the name of Jesus, Name above all Names - in the heavenlies and upon the earth all creation sings to His praise and honour.

Glory to God in the highest, peace and goodwill to men on earth.

And so now may the Lord , Who has seen every bowed head, bless all who have prayed these many months and may the grace of God be with you all.

Jill Buchan

Jill Buchan