God Never Breaks His Promise

Genesis 18:1-14

Abraham was a very kind and hospitable man: He fed, watered and looked after three strangers, making a substantial meal for them realizing He was entertaining the Lord.

God never breaks His promises - we may often break ours, but God never will!

Even as Sarah, by this time past her childbearing life, laughed when she overheard Almighty God saying that she would bear Abraham a son. God never forgets or breaks His promise - She laughed in her heart, thinking "How would it be possible since as an old woman I am well beyond childbearing". The Lord knew what she was thinking in her heart - He knows everything, even what we are thinking - and asked the question in verse fourteen: "Is anything too hard for me?"

There is not one single aspect of the Bible which is untrue or which has never been fulfilled. That is why the saying goes: "When it comes to the Bible, you either believe all of it or you believe none of it."

The Bible is the only book that hangs its entire credibility on its ability to write history in advance without error.
— Chuck Missler

And so the old man and woman had their baby about twelve months later and named him Isaac. We can trust the promises of God, and as the old Plummer, Smith Wigglesworth, used to say: "God said it, I believe it, and that settles it."

Angus Buchan