The Fear of Man

The Fear of Man - Angus Buchan

Fear of man is a terrible stronghold in the life of a Christian and holds him back many a time, when the Lord Jesus wants to use him very powerfully, as a spokesman for His kingdom.

What will the people think? If I stand up for the truth and righteousness of God, I might lose my friends, lose my job, even lose my reputation in society.

Well Jesus says to you and I today, that if you are not for Me, then you are against Me - for in God’s kingdom there is no neutral ground, Matthew 12:30.

The ideal illustration of the fear of man is found in the account of Pontius Pilate and our precious Jesus, in Luke 23:14-24. He knew that Jesus had done no wrong. After all, Pilate was a Governor, an intelligent and qualified man and yet because of the ‘fear of man’, he bent the rules and allowed the pressure and cries of the masses to cloud his decision. Even his own wife said that he should have nothing to do with Jesus!
The fear of man pushed Pilate over the edge and forced him to make the worst decision of his life.

In these crucial days in which we are living we are not be dominated by self preservation, because that selfish attitude will only lead to our ultimate failure and loss. We are to do the right thing, in spite of what the crowd says. Ask yourself only one question: “What would Jesus do?” Then be very courageous and bold and do that, Matthew 6:33.

God Bless,
Angus and Jill Buchan.

Angus Buchan