Rebuild Ancient Ruins

Rebuild Ancient Ruins

'Creative restorers of the sad situations that man has had to live with for so long'.

Rebuilding the ancient ruins. Isaiah 61:4

'It's Time' for bringing into reality the principles of God that have been eroded, over time and which have been compromised, is now returning. God Himself is doing this, and He is using the 'whosoevers' of this World to do it! 

He is using the Shopkeeper, the Farmer, the Businessman, the Artisan, the Builder and the School Teacher.

The desolations of many generations shall be restored by God and the surrounding Nations shall see it. Worldly people shall see the different lifestyle, and be drawn to it just like the moth to the shining lamp in darkness. God is calling forth a holy people who will stand for truth and righteousness, and who will not be ashamed to call sin by its name.

Amen. Thank You Jesus for never giving up on Your people.

Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.
— 1 Corinthians 2:9

God Bless,
Angus and Jill Buchan.

This is a report from a person who stayed behind in Bethlehem after the Mighty Men
Conference, to further equip and baptize the community. The testimonies coming
in daily are wonderful!

"Friends this is The Holy Spirit moving in Bethlehem! See how both schools
are kneeling down on the field of Voortrekker High after the game
yesterday. Coach Christiaan is in the middle. His hand raised to give glory to The
Lord. He came to Christ two weeks ago. The players are also
repenting every day and are coming to Jesus one by one! Today we baptized two
boys. 'Move Holy Spirit' is our prayer.

Angus Buchan