An Urgent Decision to Make

I greet you in Jesus’ Precious Name.

Early this morning while having a quiet time, The Lord laid on my heart very, very urgently that we need to make a decision. I just felt The Lord prompting me to say that many of you watching this clip right now are not deciding yet whether you are going to come to the biggest prayer meeting that South Africa has ever had before, or not.

I want to say to you that you need to be there. I want to say to you that it is urgent. “Do not say there are four months and then the harvest”, Jesus says, in John 4:35: “But lift up your eyes and look. The fields are white unto harvest.”

We don’t have four months.
The corruption, violence, hatred, racism and murder - It has got to stop! And the only way it is going to stop is when God’s people come together in one place, at one time to pray - and we are coming together on 27th October. We are coming together in Tshwane, in Pretoria, the legislative capital of the country.

You know, I read in the Bible something that was quite startling: A man said to Jesus, “I will come but first I must bury my father.” And Jesus said, “Let the dead bury the dead.” And that is found in Matthew 8:22. That’s a harsh statement. I believe what Jesus said is, if those who don’t want to come are not coming, you need to be there.

I am talking to pastors. You know, our church on the farm – We are closing the church on that Sunday. We will be in buses. We will be up in Pretoria and we will be praying together. There are sportsmen who need to cancel that sporting event on that day.

We need to come together and pray for our nation, for the way forward. You cannot afford to miss this time. Make a decision and then work towards it.

God bless you and goodbye.

Angus Buchan