27 October 2018

"Greetings in Jesus’ precious name. We have such wonderful, exciting & positive news to tell you: God has laid on our hearts to have another IT’S TIME prayer meeting! Mark 14:38 “Watch and pray lest you fall into temptation. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” We need to start walking in the Spirit, we need to start seeing those things which the Lord has shown us - The things that we can only see through faith, and not through carnal eyes."

Angus Buchan.

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— MARK 14:38
It's Time Pretoria


It's time to get involved - We know it is going to take a massive team effort from the body of Christ in South Africa.

It's Time Pretoria


Join with us in praying for the IT'S TIME event. Matthew 14:23: "And when He had sent the multitudes away...

It's Time Pretoria

Follow the journey

Be inspired as we walk together, in God, towards the biggest prayer meeting South Africa has ever hosted.


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It's Time Camping


We are truly excited to see you at It's Time. Please read the information below to ensure you have an excellent experience while there.

Road traffic volumes are expected to be high and extensive. It is strongly recommended that attendees make use of prepared IT’S TIME camping areas available close to the event area. Basic services supplied will only be emergency and security services. Campers will need to be fully self-sufficient.
Camping areas will be made available from Thursday afternoon 25th October to Monday morning 29th October. There will be no cost for camping and camping tickets are available FOR FREE online at iTickets. 




Options for accommodation include hotels, guesthouses, lodges, established camping grounds, etc. in and around Pretoria as well as nearby towns or cities. Motorists overnighting in cities and surrounding towns will need to acquire their FREE PARKING VOUCHER using their accommodation location as the departure point. This will direct the motorist along the correct dedicated route to the specified road position where the motorist will then be guided to their designated parking zone (see Traffic and Parking Sections)


It's Time Traffic Routes

traffic routeS

High volumes of cars, buses, aircraft and pedestrians are expected at the IT’S TIME event near Pretoria on 27th October this year. Critical to averting gridlock of vehicles and pedestrians will be absolute cooperation of all attending the event. The event will be at Rhino Park Airfield. As attempts by all motorists to arrive at the location will cause extensive traffic jams and pedestrian risk, motorists are asked to obtain their FREE PARKING VOUCHER and vehicles will be directed along dedicated routes to a specified road position (GPS coordinate to be given), thereafter motorists will follow signage and traffic marshals to designated parking zones surrounding the event area. Detailed planning of road, air and train transport is in progress and can be summarised as follows:

  1. By Road

    1. It is essential to acquire a FREE PARKING VOUCHER (see parking section) detailing colour coded route and time slot to arrive at specified road position.

    2. Follow signs and traffic marshals to designated parking zones.

    3. Motorists are requested not to engage with traffic marshals as this disrupts traffic flow.

    4. Buses and disabled persons will be allocated to specific routes.

    5. Motorists are requested to avoid travelling on specified emergency routes.

  2. By Air

    1. A dedicated air navigation team has been identified to coordinate all flights and will supply information once necessary preparation is completed.

    2. A limited hop-along service will be provided.

    3. Dedicated road transport from landing zones are being planned.

    4. Contact details of service operator will be released on this website (

  3. By Train

    1. Prospective dedicated train lines have been identified.

    2. Details around location and associated transport services will be released on this website (


It's Time Parking


We're really excited to see you at It's Time. Please read the information below to ensure your parking experience is as smooth as possible.

Traffic volumes are expected to be high and detailed planning is required to mitigate traffic congestion and road accident risk. FREE PARKING VOUCHERS are available below.  iTickets will administer FREE PARKING VOUCHER registration process.
The booking process will be set up as follows:

  • Vehicles travelling to the IT'S TIME Pretoria event will be required to select the region from which attendees will be traveling from.

  • User will be directed to a prescribed route (colour coded) and will be required to enter details including type of transport, number of passengers, etc.

  • Users will then be required to select a time slot (expected time of arrival). Every attempt is being made to spread the traffic flow over a longer time period to enable traffic to flow.

  • Disabled persons will have designated parking areas. Attendees are requested to be considerate toward these persons when booking parking vouchers as space is limited.

  • Finally, users will be required to supply personal details and email address to enable electronic shipping of vouchers.

  • Attendees are strongly urged to adhere to the prescribed routes and time slots selected when acquiring parking vouchers, thereby assisting in normalising traffic flows.

It will be impossible to accommodate all traffic on the day of the meeting (Saturday 27th October). Camp areas offering only emergency and security services have been made available close to the event area for those arriving from Thursday onwards. 

It's Time Pretoria


Whether you need to catch a bus to It’s time, hire one for your church or business or offer your bus to transport people to It’s Time Pretoria, please let us help you. Click here and a team of friendly administrative staff will be able to give you advice or point you in the right direction.

Rhino Park Airfield


The airspace around IT'S TIME Pretoria will be controlled by ATNS. All aviation activity will be managed by Aeronautic Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Registration will open on the 1st October 2018 for all aircraft wanting to fly in to the event. Updated information will be available on this website relating to the briefing form around landing sites, procedures to follow as well as NOTAMS that will be published relating to the event.

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Gateway news

God wants South Africans to gather for another “It’s Time” event — and it will be the biggest prayer meeting ever seen in Southern Africa, said Angus Buchan in a special announcement released on video this evening..." 
- August 7, 2018 9:31 pm

Gateway news

“It’s going to be in Tshwane / Pretoria. It’s going to be on the 27th of October. And it’s going to be a Watch And Pray meeting,” said a pumped-up Angus Buchan in a special video announcement early this evening.

Answering the questions that have been on many people’s minds since he announced last week that the Lord had laid it on his heart to call another It’s Time prayer meeting, the farmer said God has given him the Scripture Mark 14:38 “Watch and pray lest you fall into temptation.

JOY! news

5 million – that is the number of people expected, in faith, to attend the It’s Time Pretoria prayer gathering on October 27th. At the previous two It’s Time prayer gatherings, in Bloemfontein and in Cape Town, uncle Angus Buchan and his Shalom Ministries team witnessed over 2 million people in attendance. Prayers are going out for the upcoming gathering, which is expected to be the biggest yet. I had the privilege to chat to uncle Angus and find out more about what God has laid on his heart.

Gateway news

WATCH: Why it is urgent for you to be at It’s Time Pretoria

“Early this morning while having a quiet time, The Lord laid on my heart very, very urgently that we need to make a decision,” says Angus Buchan in a video message recorded today…

- September 14, 2018 10:34 am

Gateway news

Former Springbok rugby player and media company boss Warren Brosnihan issued a challenge last week to media and billboard companies to get behind the It’s Time Pretoria event on October 27 by sponsoring media space for what is expected to be the biggest prayer gathering ever seen in South Africa.

And the response to his challenge at a media conference in Pretoria — which is part of an initiative by “Christians In the Industry” (CITI), a group of Christian leaders of media companies — has been magnificent with millions of rands of media sponsorship allocated to reaching millions of people, urging them to attend the prayer day for South Africa called by farmer evangelist Angus Buchan.


Here are a few frequently asked questions.


How much are tickets for It's time

IT'S TIME, Pretoria is a FREE event, there is no charge to attend.


Just outside, Pretoria, Tshwane, at the Rhino Park Airfield. Please be considerate to everyone else coming to the event by following your colour coded route and time slot, detailed with your parking tickets. Please click here for your free parking voucher and your demarcated route to the event or click here for a camping ticket for camping at the event site.

How do I get Involved / offer services

Please click here to find out how you can get involved.

Can i camp at it's time pretoria

Yes, there will be camping at IT'S TIME, please click here for more information.

Is the event just for people in Pretoria

This event is for our entire Nation. If you have a heart for our country, please come and join us in prayer.

Are Children welcome

Children are most certainly welcome.

What about the hearing impaired

Yes, a signer will be visible on the main screens throughout the event.

What about the elderly and disabled

Our elderly and disabled will have special care. Designated seating, ablutions and routes are being organised for you.

Will there be public toilets

Yes, serviced ablutions will be available, including disabled facilities.

Will there be medical facilities

Yes, medical facilities will be readily available.

What time will the event start and end

We currently expect the main event to start at 12h00 and run until 14h00.

Will the event be aired on online

There will be NO LIVE STREAMING. Please come join us on the day.

Will there be any food vendors

No. Please bring along your own picnic, including water and please remember a bag to take all your litter home in.

Can I charter a flight to Rhino Park Airfield

The airspace around IT'S TIME Pretoria will be controlled by ATNS. All aviation activity will be managed by Aeronautic Solutions (Pty) Ltd. You can REGISTER HERE for all aircraft wanting to fly in to the event.