God’s Order

Genesis 2:10, 24

The order of God is so very clear and so very beautiful.

Thank You, Master, for making this most wonderful world, in all its beauty, simplicity and diversity. Please forgive us for not appreciating or enjoying it, nor protecting it.

It is such a sad state of affairs when we continue to challenge our Creator by not simply accepting and living in this incredibly beautiful order of life that He has made for you and me to enjoy. The fact that we mortals would question the creation and order of this world, is a great travesty and is an insult to our God! Our very explanation of how we think this wonderful and intricate world was made, is nothing more than childishness to the very extreme: To say that creation was formed by some chemical explosion, a 'Big Bang', is ridiculous, to put it mildly.

Even a young schoolboy would ask the question: "Well, then, who made the Big Bang?"

As I sit in my quiet-time room early this morning, it is still quite dark and cold outside and the little wood-fire is burning brightly, I thank my God for the beauty of the Gospel and His creation story. The miraculous way in which Father created, first of all, Adam - in His image, then all the creatures which Adam named. And then, when God saw that man was very much alone, he made woman out of the man, is just so beautiful.

Genesis 2:24: This is the reason why a man must leave his mother and father so that he can be joined to his wife (woman), and the two become one flesh.

God, please forgive us for trying to break down Your masterful plan for this world, by trying to change society and for trying to break the moral fibre of life itself.

At a meeting recently, in the Northern Cape of South Africa, I was so privileged to see the diversity of God’s creation. From the green hills of KwaZulu Natal, with magnificent mountains and beautiful green valleys with abundant water, to a flat, stoney and dry landscape with wide-open spaces, where there is absolutely no sound whatsoever, is incredible, to say the least. Yet both areas have a unique beauty of their own.

After that meeting where we saw thousands of desperate farming folk coming together from all over that district, travelling hundreds of kilometres to pray to the living God for rain, a sight I will not forget, I saw the creative hand of our Lord yet again.

A young family: Dad, Mom and their three children came forward to greet me at the end of the service. I thought, Father God, You do not make mistakes. There was a strong handsome and very proud Father, accompanied by a beautiful young, feminine woman, and then their three small but secure and well-dressed children, looking so content and happy to be with their Father and Mother, it just looked so very perfect!

Of course, it is and why should it not be so, because it is the way Almighty God created life to be. That is the plan and will of God that we see written in the Bible.

And God said: "It was very good." Genesis 1:31

May God Bless you richly and give you His peace as it is written in His holy Word!

God Bless,
Angus and Jill Buchan.

Angus Buchan