It’s Time

It's Time Blog Update

It’s Time, “to go out into the harvest fields!”

If we read the Word of God in the Gospel of Luke 10:2, we see Jesus sending out the seventy workers and giving them clear instruction to literally roll up their sleeves and to get stuck in, because the harvest of lost souls is so very great!

Now if the Master was so concerned then, how much more should he be concerned now, with the time running out and multitudes of lost souls in the valley of decision. Having just returned from the Pretoria, Tshwane event and seeing the desperate needs of multitudes of people, from all race groups, young and old - this very scripture just stuck out for me this morning while having my quiet time.

Let’s not waste anymore time. I strongly believe that we are in revival and the harvest is waiting to be reaped, it is golden in colour and ready for the sickle to be put in. In the classroom, the factory, sports field, the mines, on farms, in prisons and the hospitals - people are desperately waiting for you and I to go and to tell them the good news: that Jesus can help them, forgive them, restore them and indeed, save them.

Therefore, my co-workers in Christ, let’s go to work!

God Bless,
Angus and Jill Buchan.

Do you not say, “there are still four months and then comes the harvest”?
Behold, I say to you lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!
— John 4:35 (NKJV)
Angus Buchan