The Voice of God

Listen to the voice of God

As we start a brand New Year, we all need to be more attentive to the Holy Spirit's prompting.

Joseph, the husband of Mary, Jesus' Mother, doesn't often get mentioned in the Bible - but he was extremely sensitive to the Holy Spirit and only operated on His commands. For example in Matthew 1:20, Joesph found his fiancée to be pregnant, and was going to break off the engagement because he thought Mary had committed adultery, (remember what they were going to do to the woman caught in adultery, the one Jesus saved? She was about to be stoned to death). Joseph's obedience, however to God's instruction, saved the lives of Mary and our beloved baby Jesus.

Yet a second time we see Joesph saving the Christ Child from certain death by listening to God's voice and fleeing with Mary to Africa, avoiding Herod's brutal murder of all children under the age of two years old. (See Matthew 2:12)

You and I need to really seek God's divine guidance this year. We can no longer afford to ''wing it'. We are living in the last days, things are more critical than ever before as we await the soon-coming of our beloved Messiah.

I can almost hear you say: "How do we hear God's voice?"

Quite simply, by rising earlier in the morning and spending good quiet times in God's presence. Reading the Bible systematically, praying sincerely and meditating on His Word. He will confirm your dreams, expectations and future. Then have the faith and courage to follow through, without question - Father God will not fail you!

Happy New Year,
Love Angus and Jill Buchan.

Angus Buchan