It's Time Ireland

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Our time in Ireland was an unforgettable one.

I have always regarded myself as being a man of faith but my faith was severely tested on the Saturday afternoon. The meeting was due to start at 1 o’clock. We were driving in from the countryside where we had been staying with the team and the sky was black and it was pelting with rain.

When I got to the event, which was in a dis-used airport, everything was laid out beautifully and the people started coming in. These people are probably the most dedicated Christians I have ever met. They were prepared to stand in the open and in the rain for over two hours just to see God move on behalf of their Nation.

They ushered me into a tent where I sat with the rain pouring down and running all over the tarmac surface. Five minutes before 1pm it was still pouring with rain. But at 1 o’clock on the dot, the rain stopped, the clouds parted and the sun came shining through. We walked out of the tent onto a dry assembly point, with cars flooding in and the Irish people coming out to pray to The Living God (The Weatherman indeed) and to ask Him to undertake for their Nation.

The music was amazing and of a professional standard. Robin Mark, a famous Celtic singer who is loved and revered all over the world, did his absolute best and it was an incredible time of praise and worship. We then got straight into the meeting, like at the Bloemfontein 'It’s Time', I said “Before we pray for the Nation, we have to pray for ourselves.”

I called everyone to the Sinner’s Prayer and did not see one person, not a single one, that was unresponsive. We prayed the Sinner’s Prayer and then a beautiful prayer that had been written by the Irish themselves, asking God to forgive them for their past and current sins and asking The Lord to once again visit Ireland like He had done in the time of Patrick of Ireland.


There was such a sweet sense of The Spirit in that place and our faith levels just kept growing as the sun shone down. The clouds stayed back and I asked myself a question, because I am a cloud watcher, “Lord, are you going to visit us again on that white charger of Yours”.

We prayed for the sick and after singing the anthem of Ireland and praying The Lord’s Prayer, we concluded. Within half an hour it started raining again and it rained for the rest of the time that I was in Ireland. God truly made a way for us.

After the meeting there was an extended period of counseling. One particular couple, a dairy farmer and his wife with two young girls and a son, had recently lost their little boy in an accident in April. A TLB front-end loader’s handbrake had been released or had come undone, and little Tommy was run over by that TLB. His dad had to pick up his lifeless body off the ground. He was absolutely devastated and yet I was able to pray with him, having walked that road myself. They left that place rejoicing, knowing that their son is not dead, knowing that they will see him again and knowing that it was an accident.

For over an hour people came in with tremendous needs and God showed me again that it does not matter if you live in South Africa, Ireland, America, or New Zealand, the challenges we face are the same all over the world.

I really want to make a point of thanking Andy Campbell and his wonderful team who worked tirelessly to bring this event together. I firmly believe there will be a change. It is already taking place in the Heavenlies and in the land of the Emerald Isle. I believe they will again be sending many missionaries into the whole world to tell people about Jesus. 

And with that Tommy Voget, my right-hand man, and myself came back from Ireland to South Africa and we are looking forward to the next challenge. May God bless you and thank you for all your prayers.