Walk the Talk

We see in the book of Ephesians 2:10 that Paul the Apostle says that we need to live the life of a Believer - not so much to talk about it, but rather to live it.

It should not be an effort, an irksome task, or even a duty, but rather, it should come out of the very pores of our skin. It should come naturally, simply because of who Jesus is in our lives!

The man in the street should be able to come up to us in the supermarket, on the sports field, in the lecture hall, or on the farm, and ask us what we've got because he wants it.

It's the peace, the joy, the complete confidence in Jesus, the purpose for living that the folk in this dying world desperately desire, because they do not have it and cannot buy it.

We shouldn't have to try to do good works for people or try and persuade them to come to Christ - it should come naturally, yes, spontaneously, because of the existence of Christ Jesus within us.

God Bless,
Angus  and Jill Buchan 

Angus Buchan