Live, Work & Talk

We are instructed very clearly by God, in Ephesians 5:1-7, that as Believers we are to live and walk, and talk, as followers of our dear Lord Jesus.

We need to strongly refrain from foolish jesting, and crude joking. The Father has no time for such useless, unproductive talk, especially in these troubled last days in which people are living!

Sarcasm, which is the lowest form of wit, is unproductive, hurtful (because it is always at someone else’s expense), and ungodly. Jesus does not want to hear it coming out of His follower’s mouths.

We need to speak life and encouragement to folk, many of whom are down and depressed. We must remember that a kind word at the right time could, in fact, save someone’s life. If we have nothing good to say about someone, then perhaps we should say nothing at all.

Let’s be imitators of Jesus, and walk in love, always looking for the best in a person, and building them up in the Lord.

God Bless, 
Angus and Jill Buchan.

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