Thought Leaders Summit


The 8th Annual Global Thought Leaders Summit on the 22 September was an amazing experience for me. To see business, christian and political leaders from all over Africa and indeed from overseas coming together, under the leadership of His Excellency, Sipho Mseleku and Lucky Kayalethu Mbiko, the Managing Director of TBN in Africa.

I was so impressed by the organisation and by the impact that it had on the whole event. I am so encouraged for the way forward for Africa by these men and women who speak openly about the love of Jesus Christ.

We spoke about holiness, about holiness being the end-product of obedience. We also spoke about the Mountain of The Lord and how it is a draw-card for all people everywhere. However, we realised that we ourselves had to get up that mountain. You don’t start at the top. You start at the bottom and you work your way up. It is a holy mountain.

At the end, I had the privilege of anointing every single person in the hall with oil and praying over them for wisdom.  Remember when the Lord asked Solomon what he wanted and he said he wanted wisdom to be able to lead his people, and the Lord was pleased that he had asked for something that would benefit others.

And so we prayed for the leaders, that they would become wise men and women. I am very optimistic for the future of our beloved Nation, South Africa, and indeed the continent because these people are unashamedly upright and steadfast for the name of Jesus Christ. So we thank The Lord for new leaders in our Nation and we praise God for the future.

“We do not walk by sight but we walk by faith”.

God Bless, 
Angus and Jill