Everything undertaken at Shalom embraces this vision...


Shalom Farm, Greytown


  • The Great Commission – Mark 16:15
  • Caring for Orphans and Widows – James 1:27
  • Equipping Saints for the work of Ministry – Matthew 28:20

Everything undertaken at Shalom embraces this vision. Shalom is also home to a community of families and believers who live and work as a team at Shalom.


Farming at shalom

Shalom farm is run by Fergus and Ashleigh Buchan where the main line is producing maize meal. The mill is situated on the farm and produces super grade maize meal, which is bagged and sold under the Shalom name.

The farm also produces cabbage and hay bales which are sold off of the farm and is also delivered to customers.

The Buchans run a commercial herd of cattle consisting mainly of Simbra type cows which are put to Angus bulls. The calves are marketed annually as weaners and long weaners.

The most recent venture on the farm is the introduction of an American Quarter Horse stud. The aim is to produce a well bred, well schooled, versatile horse for a wide range of riders.

Although the farm no longer produces potatoes, we, as the second generation of Buchan farmers on Shalom, are very aware of God’s provision and faithfulness. We thank the Lord for His hand over our farm and families.


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